Out today, the new single from singer/producer Myra Monoka, titled ’Drinking About You’ is released
through Cat Music, licensed from AM:PM Music. The track, produced by Myra and tropical-bass
wunderkind Stas, is driven by a steady deep-house groove, with some dark & sexy analog-synth
undertones to match Myra’s bitter-sweet vocals on top.


Myra says of the song: ’Drinking about you is a song based on the fun fact that it is easier to open up in
front of your crush if 
first, we open up a bottle. Too bad that once you are relaxed enough to share your
magical world with them, you don't really make sense anymore. But, hey, ’what you gonna do about it’?


The music video was also directed by Stanislav Bendarevsky and a fresh & exciting young graphics designer,
video artist and over-all creative force from Budapest, Fanny Pápay.

Myra's words about the creative process: ’Stas sent me the beat first and I got so inspired that I came up
with the lyrics real quick. This guy is something else with a sick style that matches my vision. He showed
me the art of Fanni Pápay and I got hooked instantly, so we decided to ask her to help us make something


Myra Monoka is an international singer/songwriter and music producer who creates an exciting blend of contemporary R'n'B & soulful electronic pop. Having worked with many different artists in the past years, Myra is now focused on releasing her own songs. The first track to emerge from the stack of solo material Myra has recently recorded is the single‘Rewind’, released on 13 the July 2018, accompanied by a music video shot in New York City.



Earlier in her career, Myra Monoka collaborated with many different artists from various music scenes, with some of the tracks she’s featured on charting in Germany and globally on Beatport, and receiving recognition from the likes of UK drum’n’bass don Andy C. In addition to creating her own material, Myra also writes & produces for some of the top Hungarian acts and contributes to international commercial projects.



Myra has been studying classical music since age six and attended the famous Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest, Hungary. In 2016 she sharpened her music production skills at the SAE Institute in Miami, USA, where she had the opportunity to learn from a renowned group of teachers, such as the 3x Grammy Nominated, multi-platinum winning Krunkadelic, producer for Elton John, Nelly Furtado, Jamie Foxx, Sean Paul, Jennyfer Hudson etc.



Recently Myra has been to songwriting sessions in Nashville, organized by Desmond Child, of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Kiss, The Rasmus etc. fame, as well as the first ever S/SC (Stockholm Songwriting Camp) in her native Budapest.


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by Zsófi Sivák

instagram: @zsofiasivak

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